2022 Platform: A Vision Today for a Brighter Tomorrow


Better Academic Opportunities

The quality of education in Peel should be second to none.  As our Trustee, I will work to end academic streaming, the two mandatory E-learning courses, and the EQAO.  I will work to ensure there are better autism and special education supports and adequate and accessible bussing for students.  I will create a partnership with Mississauga Food Bank to ensure that every school in Ward 5 has some form of a breakfast/meal program and/or a Student Nutrition Program. 

     To provide more opportunities for our students to excel, we need to increase the capacity of schools to act as hubs for community services, especially after school hours. Additionally, we need to modernize the curriculum by introducing coding/computer science earlier in the curriculum.  And by graduation, every student should have CPR/First Aid certification, conflict resolution skills, and financial literacy skills.

  • End Streaming & EQAO
  • Accessible Bussing
  • School Meal Programs
  • Schools as Hubs
  • Modernize Curriculum


Safer Schools

After a couple of years of virtual classrooms, I would put our students’ needs first and make sure that returning to in-person learning is done with minimal learning interruptions.  This means making sure that class sizes are smaller so more attention is given to the students who need it.  We need more mental health supports, resources, and mental health workers in our schools to address post-pandemic anxiety and other mental health issues. Students should be returning back to buildings that don’t have mold, cockroaches, and structures that are falling apart. There should be healthy ventilation and HEPA filters for our classrooms.

  • Smaller Class Sizes
  • More Mental Health Supports, Staff, & Resources
  • Fixing $160M in School Disrepairs

The Ward 5 Trustee is responsible for school repairs totaling an astonishing $160M.  That’s over 20% of the total cost to repair all the schools in Mississauga, Brampton, and Caledon! Dollar figures as provided by the Ministry of Education in fall 2017. More recent data have not been made public. Here's a list of schools the Ward 5 Trustee is responsible for along with how much repairs will cost:

Applewood Heights Secondary School  $4,891,399
Barondale Public School $4,299,346
Brandon Gate Public School $3,637,543
Bristol Road Middle School $3,972,918
Britannia Public School $763,542
Burnhamthorpe Public School $4,891,399
Champlain Trail Public School $1,775,960
Cooksville Creek Public School $1,431,738
Corliss Public School $3,033,266
Darcel Avenue Senior Public School $5,417,805
David Leeder Middle School $544,011
Derry West Village Public School $1,278,958
Dolphin Senior Public School $2,801,404
Dunrankin Drive Public School $4,684,051
Fairwind Senior Public School $6,591,057
Glenforest Secondary School $15,105,185
Lancaster Public School $3,848,023
Lincoln M. Alexander Secondary School $19,557,793
Marvin Heights Public School $4,299,653
Mississauga Secondary School $785,951
Morning Star Middle School $11,932,954
Nahani Way Public School $2,780,794
Rick Hansen Secondary School $3,198,359
Ridgewood Public School $4,232,512
Tomken Road Middle School $5,542,592
Turner Fenton Secondary School $36,189,002
William G. Davis Senior Public School $2,584,546


Smarter Use of our Tax Dollars

19% of your tax dollar is being spent on education and I am going to make sure our tax dollar is being spent properly.  There are so many things we need for our schools, but the provincial government consistently expects the Board to do more with less.

     I will advocate fixing the funding formula to stop more Peel students from falling through the cracks.  I will look for additional sources of revenue such as, advocating for fair funding from Education Development Charges and Municipal Administrative Monetary Penalties that happen in school zones.  I will also advocate reallocating the $36M EQAO budget to a more helpful program. 

Fix Funding Formula

New Revenue Sources

Reallocating EQAO Budget


Stronger & Accountable Governance

The Minister of Education has clearly outlined how dysfunctional and unaccountable this Peel Board has become.  In fact, in the last four years as I was talking to parents and community members, hosting community town halls on my radio show, and organizing virtual community events during the lockdowns, the one theme that continuously emerged was the lack of communication from the local Trustee to their representatives. Most folks generally didn’t know what was going on at the Peel Board or even who their Trustee was.  I plan on changing this. To make the Board more transparent and accountable, I plan on hosting regular town halls, improving the complaints reporting, & taking regular internal census as a quality check and community feedback mechanism.

Regular Town Halls

Improving Complaints Reporting

Regular Internal Census



Tackle Climate Crisis

As we move forward in restoring good governance back to the board and plan our post-pandemic recovery, we have to actively do our part in addressing the climate crisis.  For instance, as we deal with the $755M of outstanding repairs in Mississauga schools to date — impacting HVAC systems, roofs, foundations & drinking water – I will prioritize green school repairs while retrofitting school buildings to be more energy efficient. (figure from fixourschools.ca, 2022)

I will also promote more active school travel.  This will include more walk/wheel campaigns (i.e. Winter Walk Month, Bike to School Week, etc.), working with local organizations like GLE Movement to ensure students in need get access to bikes, and ensuring there are accessible bike racks at every Ward 5 schools.  Also, I would make sure roads and walking routes are safer by supporting the Region of Peel’s advocacy to introduce an Administrative Monetary Penalty regulatory framework that would allow the Region to grow automated enforcement programs, such as School Bus Cameras and Speed Enforcement.

Lastly, I would ensure all schools in Ward 5 are certified as an EcoSchool to take action in reducing their environmental footprint.

Energy Efficient Retrofits

Promoting more active school travel

EcoSchool Certified