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Dear Neighbours,

My name is Ryan Gurcharn and I am running to be our next public board School Trustee.  With my daughter starting school next year, like all parents, my wife and I want the best opportunities available for her.  However, that is not happening with this current Board. 

The Minister of Education was so concerned with this board that he removed them from their roles and appointed a supervisor to run the Board.  This gave the Trustees a chance to turn things around.  They have had four years to get their act together, yet here we are.  To this day, the Minister still thinks the Board’s leadership and governance is "dysfunctional," because he denied their most recent request to return to their jobs. 

This Board either doesn’t want to fix things or they just don’t have the skillsets to do so.  It’s time for a Trustee who is qualified, has a proven track record of strong governance, and has a vision to not just turn things around, but make the Peel Board second to none. 

Born and raised right here in Mississauga’s Ward 5, I've sat on many Boards and school councils, I have fought and continue to advocate for equity and justice, and I have a real stake in making the system better.  Most importantly, I want to make sure that the flame of curiosity I see in my daughter's eyes isn't extinguished by inequities and incompetence. 

I'm putting my name forward this election to turn things around at the Peel Board because more of the same isn't working.  Not only do I have the experience of transparent and accountable governance, but I have the vision to make our schools safer and more inclusive while tackling the climate crisis and creating better academic opportunities.  This fall, vote for me for English Public School Trustee (Mississauga, Ward 5) because we can’t afford more of the same.

Thank you for your time,  

Ryan Gurcharn
School Trustee Candidate
Ward 5, Mississauga


Boards & Committees

Board of Directors, Punjabi Community Health Services (2021-present)
Board of Directors, Friends of the Mississauga Library System (2016-2018)
Board of Directors, Wellfort Community Health Services (2014-2015)
Board of Directors, YOUCAN Youth Services (2012-2014)
Board of Directors, Malton Neighbourhood Services (2010)
Board of Directors, Malton Community Festival (2008-2014)
Committee Member, Malton Black Development Association (2016-Present)      
Committee Member, Peel Poverty Action Group (2010-2020)      
Committee Member, Malton Community Building Project (2010-2015)
Committee Member, Peel Youth Violence Prevention Network (2011-2015)
Committee Member, Peel Committee Against Women’s Abuse (2011-2014)
Committee Member, Sexual Assault/Rape Crisis Centre of Peel (2010-2013)